Health Education and Technology

Education of health professions, apart from its importance for the generation of new and well trained professionals, is one of the keys to good (in terms of quality) and efficient (cost-optimized) health practice.

In this learning process, as well as in the health practice itself, technological development and application have to be taken into account. For example, minimally invasive techniques can’t be understood without the use of supporting technology which make them possible.

Our group of experts from the Chair of Medical Technology at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria noticed that there is lack of specific technology training in the health industry. This “disadvantage” causes that socialization of technology that in other professions and sectors is already very usual, is not “metabolized” for routine use in the health work flow as yet.

Our Experts’ Experience

Over the last decade, and supported by the MOTIVA technological innovation plan, the Chair of Medical Technologies of the University has developed a complementary training plan based on virtual simulation technology. With these type of technologies, students, residents and specialists of the health professions, mainly medicine, have been able to approach, with the support of software, different health procedures and acquire various required skills when carrying out these procedures on patients.

StereoInMotion - Simulator

In this learning environment there are several deficiencies which have been identified, and rather than being linked to health knowledge itself, are actually linked to the lack of knowledge using this type of technology.

Similarly, undergraduate students don’t consider this technology as part of their future professional life, even though social technology is perfectly integrated into their day-to-day lives.

Therefore, all technological development that wants to be incorporated in the health system must involve a joined learning process, so that technology can be properly integrated and used in the sector.

StereoInMotion and Health Education

Through our expert’s advice, StereoInMotion has considered this issue and so before considering developments with 3D-immersive technology applied to diagnosis or medical therapy difficulties, we have chosen to develop an educational application that brings 3D-immersive technology and its socialization to the health sector for further clinical application.

Our first step was the app Anatomyou; an application on mobile or tablet that allows browsing interactively through the main conduits of the endoluminal systems of the human body. The purpose of this app, apart from the teaching of subjects such as anatomy, is to help the user to interpret and recognize the anatomy from within and three-dimensionally.

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This learning will be very useful, to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to perform minimally invasive medical procedures (i.e. endoscopy), in addition to familiarizing with immersive environments for conducting or support of such medical procedures.

We know our goals and ideas are very ambitious, nevertheless, our experience in the sector and our cooperation approach with other professionals, make us believe that they are perfectly achievable and that will be very useful for the application of health procedures.

If you think you or your company may be interested in this type of project and you want to cooperate with us, do not hesitate, contact us!


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