Business Opportunity with Virtual Reality

StereoInMotion - Business Opportunity with Virtual Reality

2016 will be a turning point in virtual reality

The latest economic reports on the sector preach that virtual reality will constitute an important market in the next decade, but perhaps, more important than these predictions are the “movements” that are taking place in the industry.

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Big companies like Facebook, with the acquisition of Oculus VR, are preparing for commercialization of this technology being placed in a privileged position under the start banner of the race to reach the leadership of this market.

Many other companies are also immersed in development processes related to virtual reality, because as we mentioned some time ago, technology has already been popularized and socialized, and many major companies have already made their “movements” and have decided that this technology is the bet for this next decade.

Immersive virtual reality

These “movements” also show a trend in the industry, which is seeking immersive sensations. While the field of virtual reality is not new, achieving a fully immersive experience has been recognized as a “Grand Challenge” by the National Academy of Engineering (NAE).

Companies like Facebook, are betting on a hardware strategy, offering an immersive virtual reality through autonomous equipment like the Oculus Rift. By contrast, companies like Google opt for a software-focused strategy, taking advantage of the benefits of cellular or mobile devices (gyroscope, magnetometer, compass, accelerometers …) to offer an immersive experience through media such as Google Cardboard.

The result of these developments has been the emergence of a new scenery with huge potential for the development of apps that take advantage of this immersive technology.

Is there a market for virtual reality apps?

Exponential growth is estimated in the number of active users of virtual reality, reaching more than 170 million global active users of the virtual reality market in 2018.

As for immersive virtual reality, it is expected that in 2018 more than 25 million virtual reality headsets would have been sold. This represents an increase of popularity and market penetration and therefore, a business opportunity for the development of applications based on this type of devices.

Therefore, there is a potential market for applications that take advantage of this type of technology. Market which is at an early stage and where there is currently a shortage in the applications’ supply.

There is a tangible reality: there is a desert in the contents.

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In StereoInMotion we believe that virtual reality is not only a present-day “opportunity“, but that it has a much wider and ambitious field of application; starting from apps for the standard user to integrated applications within other systems that can support a specialist on the operating table.

All under the premise that the feeling of immersion in virtual reality is so intense that language changes completely and so do the experiences that can be offered in it.


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