Immersive Virtual Reality Systems

StereoInMotion - Immersive Virtual Reality Systems

Immersive virtual reality systems are environments that allow the user to be immersed in a synthetic (virtual) environment with a particular purpose.

Immersive Experience

Technology is used for an immersive sense that dilutes the line between the physical world and the digital world or simulated, making the user to generate a sense of reality. Within this type of immersive technologies there are different devices that stimulate at least one of the human senses.

These systems, as we know them today, emerged within research environments back in the 70s (twentieth century). Their potential applications spread rapidly as film material, but always far from the actual implementations; there were technically very limited cumbersome prototypes.

New Immersive Virtual Reality Devices

In the past 20 years, the rise of video game technologies, especially mobile devices, has allowed to evolve in the implementation of versatile immersive virtual reality systems.

For example, it is noteworthy Facebook’s bet with the acquisition of virtual reality system Oculus Rift, even if apparently is out of this particular market:

Or bets like Google with its Cardboard Glasses; a simpler system which is combined with a mobile device, but with the same underlying concept:

There are many hardware initiatives with high technological features and enough versatility to socialization.

It is precisely the socialization of these devices which has led to increase their popularity in the environment of gamers and it is developing a new generation of video games that incorporate not only the graphics capability and visualization, but the interaction and stage immersion.

Fields to be Explored

While this technology has been driven mainly by the video game industry, is this the only application of these immersive virtual reality systems?

In StereoInMotion we think it is not. We actually think that this technology can be integrated into other areas and will have a similar level to that of video games’ applicability.

In particular, we propose to use immersive virtual reality technology in the field of health through applications for mobile devices and/or laptops that provide added value to the health sector in all its stages and specialties.


Nowadays, we have a functional prototype, Anatomyou, to apply this technology in learning the anatomy of the human body associated to the minimally invasive procedures and that will be used in formal teaching courses at the University to see how far this can enhance the learning of the subject by the use of immersive virtual reality.

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