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StereoInMotion - Smartphones Apps and Healthcare

Undoubtedly, mobile technology has fully entered our daily lives. The healthcare environment is not exempt from this 21st century phenomenon, and both health professionals, who are standard users of these devices, and the clinical practice itself, are no strangers to the world of mobile phones and apps.

Regarding health professionals, it could be said that nearly 100% of them have a smartphone and a tablet. They are frequent users of these sort of devices, because their schedules and type of work does not usually allow them to sitting at a desktop computer.

Moreover, with respect to clinical practice, in recent years many management, visualization and health information storage apps’ have been developed.

Healthcare Apps’

In general, we can highlight three types of apps whose market niches have been growing. On the one hand, we have the digital or support apps’, which are those that offer a product already in use (e.g. vademecum, anatomical atlas, etc.) but adapted to mobile devices (smartphones or tablets). These have been widely accepted among health users for its convenience and portability.

On the other hand, we have the so called telematics management apps’ which are those applications that under the format of mobile devices, allow us to manage the information generated about health care (e.g. drugs dosage calculation, patient’s list or patient’s classification, data diagrams, etc.). Such applications are encapsulated in what it is called mHealth, and it is an extension of what has been called eHealth, ever since late last century, renowned for digitalization or medical history’s universality.

And last but not least, we could mention the content or training apps. Within this type of apps, we have all those offering educational content with clinical application potential for the development of a technique (e.g. Anatomyou) or multimedia resources for the understanding or representation of procedures, techniques or medical tools.

The future through the Apps

In conclusion, we are convinced that the healthcare-professional users are good product consumers (apps) of mobile devices and so, the number of applications in this sector will not only increase, but its use will be standardized including them in all elements of management and health activity, as it happened long time ago with the desktop computer.

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From StereoInMotion, we are seizing this opportunity to work on this line and intend to include the most advanced immersive technology in healthcare environment; from educational apps like Anatomyou to support applications in medical procedures.


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