Wearables and Healthcare

StereoInMotion - Wearables and Healthcare

Surely we all have some kind of notion about wearable technology. This term comes from the Anglo-Saxon verb “to wear” which means: “to carry or have (a garment, etc.) on one’s person as clothing, ornament, etc.” In this sense, all wearable devices are those that someone carries or places on his/her body. Particularly in the technological field, are all those devices that we carry or place on the body so that, through various incorporated sensors they will detect and transmit information about the user who wears them.

Wearable Technology’ Health Applications

In recent years, this technology has become very popular for its healthcare applications (heartbeat monitoring systems, number of steps or movements made, etc.) and it has been introduced in the market through various technology enterprises.

Its daily use in healthcare is not a reality as yet, but given the trend towards framed solutions in what is called “internet of things“, surely will be introduced sooner or later.

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Wearable Immersive Technology

From StereoInMotion, the question we raise is: Is there any relation between this type of technology with immersive systems? Can both technologies be merged with a common purpose?

The answer is yes. This type of technology can provide valuable information to manage virtual or augmented reality environments. In our social network posts, we have published some experimental results which use the heartbeat rate or the breathing rate to adapt the interaction with a virtual environment and amplify its realism or reduce the nausea effect that some applications of virtual reality cause in the user.

Therefore, the fact that wearable technology is popularizing allows us to complement the immersion in the work scenario and to harness both technologies to generate healthcare environments for education or application thereof in any clinical procedure.

We are monitoring these developments for, in our professional experience and that of our partners, studying their integration’s feasibility in our future applications.


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