IFTM Students Take Anatomyou VR’s Experience Beyond

AnatomyouVR - IFTM

Students of Biological Sciences of the Federal Institute of Triangulo Mineiro (IFTM) of Brazil, take the experience of learning one step further with Anatomyou VR.

With great ingenuity, a group of students guided by Professor Aldo Luis Pedrosa and his team, complemented with physical recreations the immersive feeling of Anatomyou VR with the objective of comparing the feeding system of the sponges with the human digestive system.

To recreate the human digestive system, students used Anatomyou VR together with a virtual reality headset and other elements such as boards with reliefs that simulate the texture of human body organs, warm vaporization with a hairdryer and humidification with water sprays. All this together with a wheelchair that moved synchronized with the app following the route traced on the ground as a reference.

As a result of this experience, a television channel in the country echoed this ingenious activity:

Video Globo IFTM

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