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Wearables and Healthcare

StereoInMotion - Wearables and Healthcare

Surely we all have some kind of notion about wearable technology. This term comes from the Anglo-Saxon verb “to wear” which means: “to carry or have (a garment, etc.) on one’s person as clothing, ornament, etc.” In this sense, all wearable devices are those that someone carries or places...

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Smartphones, Apps and Healthcare

StereoInMotion - Smartphones Apps and Healthcare

Undoubtedly, mobile technology has fully entered our daily lives. The healthcare environment is not exempt from this 21st century phenomenon, and both health professionals, who are standard users of these devices, and the clinical practice itself, are no strangers to the world of mobile phones and apps. Regarding health...

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Health Education: Applying VR

StereoInMotion - Health Edication Applying Virtual Reality

Health education, besides its interest for the training of new professionals, is a key point for good (quality) and efficient (cost-optimized) healthcare practices. Nowadays, the ongoing training process that graduate students (residents) and specialists themselves, must go through involves the use of experimental advanced technologies (virtual simulation, etc.) and...

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Immersive Virtual Reality Systems

StereoInMotion - Immersive Virtual Reality Systems

Immersive virtual reality systems are environments that allow the user to be immersed in a synthetic (virtual) environment with a particular purpose. Immersive Experience Technology is used for an immersive sense that dilutes the line between the physical world and the digital world or simulated, making the user to...

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Video Games, Virtual Reality and Health

StereoInMotion - Video Games Virtual Reality andHealth

In some entries of our social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn), and in other previous articles, we discussed the importance of entertainment education itself; usually called edutainment. Basically, edutainment is the use of entertainment for the learning or development process of educational models. In this area, for example,...

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